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During the second half of the 14th century, the Palazzo was the residence of the nobleman Cristoforo Galletti, patron of the Franciscan convent, near the church of San Giovanni.

During the restoration of the Palazzo, frescoes were discovered on the façade and in the interior. On the facade they represent a faux tapestry and a rearing horse decorated with peacock feathers, which symbolized the wealth and nobility of the family. In the interior, the coat of arms of the Galletti was revealed. The same emblem exists in the church of San Giovanni both on the façade and in the interior of the fresco painted "Galletti Chapel".

The name Serravalle literally means, "Close the valley". It is a medieval town built around a castle belonging to the Da Camino family, as first recorded in 1175. As part of the Republic of Venice, Serravalle grew to be a wealthy and famous capital in this large and rich territory through trade with Germany and Venice in the late Middle Ages. In the Renaissance period many well-known families built palaces here.

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